Free Meditation Classes in Dhaka



Q. মেডিটেশন ক্লাস কেন মিনামুল্যে নেয়া হয়?

There are a few reasons:

  • lotus-flower-175.jpgFirst, as we mentioned at the beginning of the page, we feel that inner peace shouldn't be just another product. Through meditation, you are not so much acquiring anything new as discovering the keys to your own inner beauty which was always there.
  • We aim to create a very beautiful and pure atmosphere for our classes, where people are comfortable coming in the knowledge that nobody is expecting anything from them in return.
  • The people who give the classes consider it an extension of their own meditation practice, and something that gives them a sense of fulfilment that no money can buy. Sri Chinmoy taught us meditation using the path of the heart, and one of the things you discover on this path is that when you share the gift of meditation which comes from the heart, your own awareness and experience of that gift actually increases instead of decreases.

Often people ask us when they come to classes how can they contribute. Sometimes there is a donation box, or alternatively you could buy a book or CD - then you have something to take home in return - however, it is not expected.

Q. মেডিটেশন ক্লাসে কি শেখানো হয় ?

Meditation is first and formost a practical subject, and one that has to be experienced. Hence we teach a lot of different practical exercises - breathing exercises, visualisations, concentration exercises, mantras and heart centred meditation. The exercises are typically accompanied with explanations on what meditation is, the benefits of meditation, tips on setting up your own daily practice and integrating meditation into your daily life.

Sri Chinmoy asked that the classgivers themselves meditate before each class, so that they would be able to create a meditative atmosphere for the classes. Each class instructor has their own life experience that they bring to the class, so no two classes are the same. 

Q. ক্লাসে কি কি আনতে হবে ?

সাধারনত কিছু আনতে হয় না। তবে হাল্কা রঙের আরামদায়ক পোষাক পড়ে আসলে ভালো হয়।    

Q. পরবর্তী ক্লাসে কোন ফি নেয়া হবে ?

কখনোই না !  শ্রী চিন্ময় তার জীবনে কখনো কখনো মেডিটেশন ক্লাস, কন্সার্ট ও আধ্যাতিক দিক নির্দেশনার জন্য কখনো ফি নেন নি। যারা তাঁর ছাত্র হতে চেয়েছেন , তাদের তিঁনি সবসময় বলতেন,"my only fee is your aspiration" -  এর অর্থ এক জন ছাত্রের ভেতরের ইচ্ছা ক্রমাগত উন্নতি করতে এবং তাদের ধ্যানে এগিয়ে যাওয়ার জন্য।